Welcome to the future!

Eleks launches Zurich office

So, you where there, witnessing history, as ELEKS launched its newest office in Zurich, Switzerland, continuing its global expansion and strengthening its presence within central Europe.

“The Quest” is officially launched

The Quest is a unique online team-building game enabling business team interactions in a new context.

We have reimagined traditional team-building games with an unparalleled interactive experience designed to connect and build up teams woking from home or in a geographical spread setup.    

App’s synergy, gamified storyline, and the newest tech trends like AR, VR, bots define the user experience.    

Elevate your remote team-building experience, wherever you are     
  • An interactive game strengthening remote and hybrid teams 
  • Latest tech: AR, VR, bots  
  • An engaging app combined with live human interactions  
  • Up to thousands of players in a 100% customizable setup 

Free Demo

The World is in Danger.
Would you help?

Demo One – Zurich, 26 October

Unless your time machine is working, that game is already in the past.

Demo TWO – wherever you are!

Play with your team at work, or give this opportunity to other colleagues/HR people.

You have free 8 login codes to create the team experience (for two teams of 4 people). Add them to cart and get your team on-board – you need to do this up to one day before game starts.

This demo is a short 2 day demo and has more start dates (the game is the same, just pick a date – write it in order comment). 
Demo 2.1 – starts on the 28th October.
Demo 2.2 – starts on November 2
Demo 2.3 – starts on November 4
Demo 2.4 – starts on November 9
Demo 2.5 – starts on November 11

Don’t miss them, as the world needs highly efficient teams!

Get your codes, contact your team and go to thequestapp.one and start playing.

Ps. If anything goes wrong, contact codename Morpheus http://t.me/adibacanu or adrian@thequest.one
If everything goes right, you want more demo codes or get to the “real team building”, use the same contacts.