The Future is now!

Well, well, well. You just downloaded a great app, but access is restricted.
Or you met one of our top agents.
Anyhow, none of that is a coincidence! 😉

People will always work better with people with whom they share meaningful time, overcoming “situations”.

Do you want to have a higher engagement in your remote team? Plus some smart fun 😉

Gather one or two teams of 4 people, add to cart up to 8 codes, and share one code/person (you get them all in your inbox).

After you have your codes go to and start playing. 
Demo games are medium iterations: 20 min a day for 2 days.
For the real life ones we can create one time games – like 60-90 minutes, or our recommended 3 day, 30 minutes a day team building.

This demo is a short two-day demo. It is happening every Tuesday and Thursday (games are the same, just pick a date and write it in order comment). 

Don’t procrastinate. The world needs highly efficient teams!