Team Buildings reimagined. Virtual. Live. Smart.

The Quest is a unique online team-building game enabling business team interactions in a new context.

App’s synergy, gamified storyline, and the newest tech trends like AR, VR and chatbot augmented the user experience.

Team Building

The Quest reimagines traditional team buildings.

Unparalleled interactive experience designed to connect and build up teams working from home
or in a geographical spread setup.

Smart Notification


An interactive remote team building activity during office hours, winning time and productivity lost on social media. Solve the 15-30 minutes daily challenges, individually or as a team, over 2-3 days.

A gamified company customizable storyline supported by an ultimate and holistic user experience powered with new technologies like AR and VR.

An opportunity for empowering teamwork and building stronger connections through daily team challenges, solvable by players only working together, sharing their ideas, vision, and “in-game resources”.

Project similarities and flexibility, just sometimes more challenging and fun. Each employee can play online anytime, being in charge of their schedule and challenges, including tasks and decisions that impact the whole team.

Customizable setup that can be adjusted to your team’s needs, from the large-scale team buildings to one-time small team games. The Quest is a live game where trained people interact with players, including the

Live grand finale — an event where everybody comes online together to solve the final mission as one big team.

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